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Forum » WoW » Tutorials » [Tutorial] How to make your own private WoW server (Tut on how to make WoW server)
[Tutorial] How to make your own private WoW server
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1. MethodmyIPadress.com : What is my IP adress? How to find my IP adress ?

To download Emulator click --> HERE <--

Mall! Made by Ackhole, Thanks to him!
DBC's (packed)
DB Updates (packed)
World.sql (packed)
AA Website
Ascent rev 4321
and everything else nice!
Trainers bug
Quests bug
Spawns on Quel'danas (.recall port 2.4)
New dungeons.


You find MySQL Setup from your AA Tools folder --> Typical > Install > Next > Next > Tick that Configure the Mysql Server now and finish > Next > Standard > Next > Put password to ascent(Tick Enable root access bla bla bla) > Next and Execute!

First just install Navicat; it is in Tools folder.Then open, should popup Connection window.
Connection name can be what ever you want.Username is root.And Mysql Password is ascent.Then click Test Connect.If works, then click Connect.
Make new Database called world and then right click of it and choose Execute Batch file.Look up world.sql.Go to your server folder and DB Sql Files, there is world.rar. Run it and there is world.sql.
Go to tools folder and install .net framwork is you haven't install it yet
And then just put server on! Click ascent-world.exe and ascent-logon.exe (when database Extractor is done ^^)
Have fun!
How to make Public?

::Public for all::
For all!
First go to Dyndns and make account.When you have made just login.Then go to My Hosts and make new host.
Hostname: Name don't matter, but you need to remember it.
Wildcard: Tick it
Service Type: Host with IP address
IP Address: Click Use auto detected IP address
Mail Routing: Don't do anything
Then Create Host!!
Go to My Computer > C disk > Windows > System32 > Drivers > etc > Open hosts file in notepad and add: Host you created
Internal IP Host you created
External IP Host you created
::How to get internal IP?Just click Start > Run > CMD > Ipconfig and then look up your IP::
::How to get External IP?Just go to
What is my IP address? How do I find my IP address?

Connect to your Router, Username and Password should be admin and admin.
Forward those ::

Open ascent-realms.conf and change Logonserver Address to your Hostname and too change Realm1 Address to Your hostname:8129
Open ascent-world.exe and too ascent-logon.exe, if again works GZ GZ GZ
Open Navicat and find World Database, look up Accounts table and make account:
acct: Don't write anything
login: Username
password: Password
GM: (AZ is admin, A is GM, Empty is player)
banned: Don't write anything
Then go all way to flags
Flags: (8 is Burning Crusade and 0 is non BC)
If you got server open, Open ascent-logon.exe and write there reload, if not just start server
Then tell them to set their realmlist to your hostname!!

Made by ~Apple

All credits to Apple!!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------

2. Method

.NET Framework 3.5:

Just follow the video smile

Logon with:
Username: Admin
Password: admin

NOTE: the 'maps' and the 'vmaps' are not 100% necessary, but i would recommend them for a less buggy server.
GM Commands
Questions & Answers

Q: i get this in ascent-world and ascent-logonserver
"connection failed due to: acces denied for user 'root' @sql: main database
initialization failed. exiting."

A: you have another sql server running, you can shut it down by uninstalling mysql or press CTRL+ALT+DELELTE and go to processes tab, and shutdown mysqld-nt

Q: How do i make portals?
A: Its very difficult, but if you want to try:
execute the query into the database

All info on how to make server is located at that website....

Forum » WoW » Tutorials » [Tutorial] How to make your own private WoW server (Tut on how to make WoW server)
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