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Model Editing Programs, Full List
DarkSoulDate: Monday, 2007-10-08, 6:27 AM | Message # 1
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Official Model Edit Fix Thread
Remember to put this into your WoW directory and boot from it to load a Model Edit
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\

MyWarcraftStudio --> Download
This program allows you to open MPQ's in your data folder and look through each one and even extract them, also allows you to create MPQ's and more.

DBCUtil --> Download
This program lets you convert a DBC - CSV and CSV - DBC.

CSVed --> Download
This program allows you to easily edit your CSV files for DBC Editing.

MPQ Editer --> Download
This program lets you pack your MPQs very easily.

BLP Convertors --> Download
2 Programs are included here. They both convert BLP to PNG and PNG to BLP. You may use either. BLP Convertors are great if you like to make custom textures! You can change the terrain, your mount, your character skin, pretty much anything that uses a BLP!

Cryects Command Line Tools --> Download
These tools allow you do to some very special things.

DBC Editer --> Download
This program is great to use if you don't want to convert your DBC file to CSV first. The downside is, you will have to do all the editing by hand and the search feature is sketchy at times.
Note: DBC Editer needs Net Framework 2.0 to work. You can download that here

NoggIt --> Download
You may be wondering why NoggIt doesn't work anymore. Well, that is simply because WoW's MPQs have changed and the m2 bone structure has changed. Thus NoggIt is looking for the 1.12 version of the MPQs. It doesn't know about common.mpq and such. And if it were made to know about the new MPQs, it still wouldn't load the m2's off the ADTs since those have changed as well. So how do you make NoggIt work? You get a version of WoW 1.12 of course! You open WoW 1.12 then open NoggIt. Ta da! It works. NoggIt reads from the last opened version of WoW. So if you are playing live WoW and then want to open NoggIt, you will need to open WoW 1.12 first. Have fun guys.

Renamer --> Download
This program allows you to target specific names of a big list of files and change every one of them to something at the same time. It is great to use for instance swapping with .WMOs or for Race to Race edits.

WoW 3DS MAX convertors --> Download
This program converts WMOs to 3DS Max, M2s to 3DS Max, and 3DS Max to M2.

WoWModelViewer --> Download
This program is great to use to see items, mobs, characters, mounts and an array of other things from the game. Is is extreamly helpful since viewing .M2s in MyWarcraftStudio does not work. It also has many other great features. See what you can find!

WoW Map Editor --> Download
This program lets you edit WMOs and ADTs.

WoWMapper --> Download
This program shows you the minimap picture of every ADT in the game. This is a great program to use if you are ADT editing.

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stephanieDate: Tuesday, 2011-08-23, 8:41 PM | Message # 2
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Forum » Downloads » WoW add-ons » Model Editing Programs, Full List (Model editing)
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