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Age of Empires 3 Mods
DarkSoulDate: Sunday, 2007-10-07, 7:30 AM | Message # 1
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40 Cards per HC in skirmish.

This is a simple Mod to allow 40 Cards per Civ in SP-Skirmish play (Not tested online). Works with all versions.

Place all .xmb files into your C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of Empires IIIdata (This is the default folder, yours may be different).
**You do not have to place the .xml files into the folder, they are just there for anyone who may wish to see what was changed.**

--> Click Here to Download <--

=========================================== ==============================================

Cannon Power

Cannon power Proto file by B.V WARLORD
Installation: 1st make a back up of your original proto file (right click proto
file and click copy go to My documents right click and click paste.
2nd click file proto and copy it to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of
Empires IIIdata
3rd play game and blow the enemy away
Uninstallation: Copy the original proto file to C:Program FilesMicrosoft
GamesAge of Empires IIIdata and you can play online

Cannon power makes cannons more power full. It also gives ships more hp and
there are some other small changes. Watch out the age of the canon is coming.
Full changes are listed below.

Why I made this mod: I like cannons (as you may know by the boom map I made)
but I think they should be a bit more powerfull. As for ships I think the fall
to cannons on the shore as it is so they have more hp.

Falconets: now cost 400w 100c (w=wood c=coin and f=food
Attack and los boost

H.cannon: Moves faster and has more attack

Rocket: Lower hp but a huge attack and los

Organ guns: now cost 100w 150c
Slightly higher attack

Abus gun: now cost 100f 45c
Attack up slightly

Great Bombard: Very high attack, hp and los+ and huge bonus vs. ships but a pop
of 15

Grenadiers: now cost 100f 120c los and attack up

Culverin: now cost 300c 300w pop of 5

Mortars: longer to train more, attack and a pop of 6

ALL ships have more hp + you can create more frigates.

Other changes

Musketeers: Now cost 50f 25c
Sleets: now cost 25f 10c
Priest: cost 150c

Warning: you can not play on ESO2 unless both players have mod. To play on ESO2
uninstall mod.

--> Download <--

==================================================== ==============================
Light Sets

Copy all lightsets(.lgt.xmb files) to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesAge of
Empires III Trialartlightsets or to wherever you installed the game.

Now, to use the lightsets, you must name the one you want to use, according to
the map.


For ‘New England’ map, you would rename the lightset you want to use to
“New England.lgt.xmb” (without quotes offcourse). For the Texas map, name the
lightset you want to use “texas.lgt.xmb”. If you have windows set not to display
known file extensions, then you may not need the .xmb at the end.

Make sure you type the filename exactly as it appears above including capitals
if the name has any.

Now, start the game and choose the map you applied the new lightset to and

There are 3 lightsets in total, Early Morning, Afternoon and Night

Note: You must restart AOE3 everytime you change the lightmap.

To keep track of which lightset is which (for after you rename them you might
get them mixed up), just right click the file, go properties, then go summary to
see the a few details.

If you have any problems or need help, please contact me:

Hope you enjoy!!!

(to remove lightsets, just remove them from the lightsets folder and the AOE3
will use the default ones)

--> Download <--

=========================================================== ================

Build Fort and Factory With setlers

This mod allows your settlers to build fronteer forts and factories

--> Download <--

=========================================================== ================

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